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Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

If you have, you are not alone. Professional Insurance Consultants can help. In today’s ever changing employee benefits environment, our experience is critical to the success for both employers and employees, who want to achieve the right balance between a quality benefit package and one that doesn’t break the budget. Let PIC help guide you through the legality and compliance issues of ongoing and new federal mandates. 

Our experienced professionals offer you extensive experience in the employee benefit field. We advise employers in both fully insured and self funded markets for health and dental plans. We work with multiple carriers for life insurance, short and long term disability, voluntary products, 125 plans, HSA’s, HRA’s and long term care benefits. We provide onsite employee education and complete enrollment services. 

Our success comes from providing exceptional service and partnering with the best in class organizations and we want to share our success with you.

Consulting Services

At PIC, our mission is to partner with you to help make sense of a somtimes confusing insurance industry. Our experience and expertise can help you understand the advantages and challenges of the product options available in the marketplace today and our recommendations can help you make the right decisions for your organization. Our Managing Partners are committed to providing innovative, cost effective consulting services to clients of all sizes. 

A benefit needs analysis lets us look at your whole benefit picture. We will evaluate everything from your group health insurance to all of your voluntary products to make sure you are offering the best products at the best price. After our evaluation, we will find high quality and cost effective carriers that offer the products and services you need. Along with those carriers, we will help you custom design a mix of benefits that meet your needs.

We are always looking for partners who can provide the next generation of products. We want to help you implement programs which focus on improving health rather than just managing disease. The key to focusing on prevention and consumer directed health is achieved through the integration of medical plans, wellness offerings, pharmacy, dental and disability programs. Our consulting services include a quarterly review of the major benefits, such as your group health provider and annual reviews of other products and benefits. While one of our goals is to provide cost effective consulting services we are also committed to the highest level of customer service and integrity. We are always available by phone, through email and we will be onsite whenever you need us.

Regardless of which carriers you choose to provide the benefit products, we work for you. We adapt to your needs and help you move quickly focusing on the process, but it is ultimately the outcome that matters.

In today’s marketplace, it takes more than just the carrier to make employee benefits work. It takes both employers and employees, along with a strong independent partner like PIC. Employers need to design and invest in benefits that promote preventive care, offer wellness incentives and provide employees with educational tools. Employees have a responsibility to understand their benefits and more effectively manage their personal and family health status by using the tools provided to them from their employer, carrier and consultant. This is really a marriage between all parties and to stay happily married it requires a firm like Professional Insurance Consultants to find and recommend the right solutions. 


Have you sent all of the required COBRA notifications to your existing employees? What about the required notices advising employees if your prescription drug coverage is creditable or non-creditable? Are you administering FMLA correctly?

What about the other requirements of health care reform – the Affordable Care Act? Is your Summary of Benefits and Coverage compliant? Are your health plan benefits meeting the guidelines? Changes to all health plans have taken place and will continue in phases through 2018. You will need to become an expert in interpreting and implementing the changes because they are federal law.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Just a few years ago understanding the requirements for administering employee benefits were much simpler. If you could explain a deductible and a co-pay that was about all the expertise you needed. In today’s complicated and often litigious environment, that is simply not enough. A partnership with an expert firm is a critical component to compliance. At PIC, we have the resources and expertise to advise you and to guide you through this complicated maze. PIC will help you decipher and implement the changes necessary under federal law. 

Employee Education and Enrollment

The Managing Partners of PIC provide a broad array of services to assist you in successfully communicating the details of your benefit program to employees. In order to ensure continuity in the message employees receive regarding their benefits it is important to tell the story the same way every time. We accomplish this by helping employees complete forms, reviewing open enrollment and new employee benefit packets. We are always available to answer questions. On an ongoing basis, we coordinate benefit employee meetings with all carriers and can act as a liaison for employees with benefit providers. All of this is done in compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

Controlling costs is critical to longevity and integrity of employee benefit packages. Educating employees on the need to take advantage of preventive health plan services and lifestyle changes they can make to be healthier are both ways to help control costs. PIC publishes PIC Health News , our wellness newsletter, quarterly. Health News includes the latest information on topics such as the merits of eating well, getting exercise and relieving stress. Current and past editions are always available on our website.